28th Annual DC Classic 2016 Donation


The GFC is writing to you to ask for your support for a very special milestone – the 28th Annual Gonzaga DC Classic — one of the finest high school basketball tournaments in the country.

The Gonzaga DC Classic is the largest event sponsored by Gonzaga Parents each year and the largest fundraiser of the GFC and was created by the GFC to support the goals of good basketball, friendship among teams and players, and most importantly community service.  Since inception, the tournament has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Gonzaga’s local, regional, national and international service projects for Gonzaga students. As this tournament is the largest source of funding for Gonzaga students’ service programs, your support is invaluable.  This year the tournament will be held December 9-11 at Gonzaga and American University and will attract some of the top-rated teams in the country.

Our most important source of raising money for these service projects is our outstanding tournament program, and particularly, Class Ads.  Each class provides a full page ad, so we are in competition with the sitting classes at Gonzaga and several years of alumni classes.  

We are asking for a $25 donation (more if you are willing and able) from each Family in each class which will be applied to the purchase of a full page class ad in the Gonzaga DC Classic program.  Overall class participation is important and appreciated, so please participate in whatever amount you are able.

For more information about this event and how to make a donation please click here.