Membership in Gonzaga Fathers Club

Membership in the Gonzaga Fathers’ Club is open to all Dads, step Dads and guardians of current and former Gonzaga students.
Our mission is to serve, support, and advance the ideals of the Jesuit community and the student body of Gonzaga.
We do that by directing efforts to serve, providing the financial means to support, and creating an environment to advance the spirit of “men for others” through the involvement of students and Dads, step Dads, and guardians together.
The Fathers Club encourages all new Dads to sign up to a four year membership in the Gonzaga Fathers Club – a $25 savings. Alternatively, One Year Memberships are Also Available.

4yr Membership – Buy Now
1yr Membership – Buy Now
( Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Gonzaga College High School.)

After you complete enrollment in the Gonzaga Fathers Club, you will be asked for some information about your son, his interests at Gonzaga, and your availability to volunteer at upcoming Gonzaga Fathers Club sponsored events.

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